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Diversity & Inclusion in Action

The Garrett Park Elementary PTA
is proud to have an active committee
dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion.
Our school has students who have
lived around the world, and who
speak multiple languages at home.  
Our diversity is yet another reason
why we love Garrett Park Elementary

To learn more about our committee, please view our brief introductory video and see our list of events below.

Event Spotlight


In September and October, we are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month!! 

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage at GPES:  For Hispanic Heritage Month, the PTA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee is inviting students to write 1-2 sentences about something they appreciate and would like to share about their culture or country of heritage in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central or South America. Topics could include food, landscape, traditions, sports, language, family - whatever inspires you! The PTA will compile students' responses and share them with the school community - and some will be selected to be read on the morning announcements in October! Please email responses with your name, grade, teacher, and if selected, whether you would want to read your submission on the announcements (or have it read for you) to Ruth Vargas Hill at by Friday, October 22.

Para el Mes de la Herencia Hispana, el Comité de Diversidad e Inclusión del PTA les extiende una invitación a estudiantes con lazos culturales a España, México, el Caribe y América Central o del Sur, a que escriban una o dos oraciones relacionadas a algún aspecto de su cultura el cual deseen compartir.   Los temas podrían incluir comida, paisaje, tradiciones, deportes, idioma, familia, ¡lo que sea que inspire al estudiante! El PTA recopilará las respuestas de los estudiantes y las compartirá con la comunidad escolar. ¡Algunas respuestas serán seleccionadas para ser leídas en los anuncios matutinos en octubre! Favor de enviar las respuestas del estudiante por correo electrónico con el nombre del estudiante, curso, maestro(a) y, en caso de que las respuestas sean seleccionadas, si desea leerlas durante los anuncios (o que sean leídas en nombre del estudiante) a Ruth Vargas Hill en antes del viernes 22 de octubre.

Learn about Hispanic Heritage Month:  To learn more about the celebration, find books to read, learn about sites to visit, and much more, check out our resource here (hint: you may need to play the slide show to make the links active)


Our Activities & Events

Here are some of the activities and events our committee organized in the 2020-2021 school year. We're looking forward to building on them with even more fun and educational activities in 2021-2022!

  • October:  In conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month, we hosted an online PJ Read-Aloud Night featuring a diverse selection of stories read by GPES teachers and staff.

  • November: 

    • Due to popular demand, we held a second PJ Read-Aloud Night in conjunction with Native American Heritage Month.

    • During the week of Thanksgiving, the PTA invited a Native American storyteller to tell the story of the Three Sisters during an online cultural assembly for the school.

  • January:  To celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, students participated in the morning announcements, sharing stories of three women from Maryland who were involved in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).  Students talked about these heroes and briefly reflected on the stories.

  • February:  In honor of Black History Month, we celebrated the creativity and achievements of black poets and authors with, among other activities, a poetry slam featuring student performances. To learn more about this event and view the poetry slam recording, click here.  

  • April:  Our most popular event is International Night, which features cultures represented in our school, cultural performances, global recipes, and more.  We celebrated this event in a variety of ways throughout the month of April. Learn more about this event.

  • May: 

    • For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we invited GPES family members to do a live or recorded reading of stories celebrating Asian American or Pacific Islander heritage to be shared with our students during class reading times.

    • On Wednesday, May 19th, we hosted "Growing Our Kids and Our Community Through Anti-Racism Work" with Amber Coleman-Mortley for GPES families. You can find the presentation here.

  • June:  For LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we produced the resource document Ways to Honor Pride Month.

Join Us!

We are able to provide these resources and programming to our GPES families and staff because of the dedication of our D&IA committee members and event volunteers. We need you to help make these events happen! Please consider joining our committee or helping to organize a specific activity or event during the year.

To help organize a D&IA or other PTA activity, please visit the Signup Genius

We invite you to contact our co-chairs Eddine Mureke and Dana Goodson and join our efforts to celebrate our wonderfully diverse students and community.