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Reimbursement for Teacher Out-of-pocket Expenses

Your PTA reimburses teachers for money they spend to enrich their classrooms.  This may include books, posters, pillows for reading corners, and other supplies and learning tools not covered by MCPS. We are proud to support Garrett Park teachers and staff who go above and beyond to create welcoming and enriching learning environments for our children.


During distance learning, we have reimbursed teachers for a variety of expenses, including supplies for their students, online teaching tools, and much more.  We helped the First Grade team provide supplies for every student at the beginning of September 2020.


The Garrett Park Kindergarten team asked the PTA to fund the school's subscription to Starfall, a website that builds literacy and math skills, is tied to school curriculum, and is used regularly in classrooms.  Thanks to your support of the Rocky Fund, the PTA said yes. Now subscription level content on Starfall is available to all GPES students.

PALS School Store

Our school counselors asked the PTA to replenish the school store where GPES students redeem their PALS tickets. Thanks to your generous support of the Rocky Fund, the PTA purchased Water Bottles, Sunglasses, T-shirts, Frisbees, Pennants, and Pencils. Most items say "I Followed PALS at GPES" and have the school logo.

Free Books for Students

Our annual book fairs (Fall and Spring) raise money for our school, and provide books and resources to each classroom. The PTA uses these funds to cover subscriptions to Scholastic News for the entire school; provide books for the media center; books for classroom libraries; books for students; and much more.  During distance learning, we fulfilled requests by students for free books so every child could get a new book during the online book fair.

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