Programs / Nutrition Committee

Teacher and Administration Support

Chromebook Purchase

Partnering with the GPES Education Foundation, the PTA voted to spend a portion of the funds raised by the Silent Auction to buy a Chromebook cart (cost $9,000, split by the PTA and the Foundation) for the use of GPES teachers and to be owned and maintained by MCPS.  Since the PTA and Foundation will gift the Chromebooks, we can use them to start a Coding Club or for any other PTA or Foundation event.

Fall / Spring Book Fair

Classes will visit the book fair during the school day and students will be able to purchase books at that time, if they wish. Some of the funds raised go toward teacher supplies.

Staff Appreciation

Lunch and goodies are provided to staff their first week back after summer break, goodies are provided to staff monthly for one staff meeting a month, the staff lounge is stocked regularly with coffee and other nourishment, and a variety of treats/lunches are provided during staff appreciation week.


Teacher Supplies

At the beginning of each school year, the GPES PTA provides the teachers some funding for their classroom supplies.  Books for the classroom library, inviting decorations, pillows for reading corners, and other supplies and learning tools not covered by MCPS... these are just some of the many things Garrett Park teachers have told us they purchased with the money the PTA gave them at the start of this school year. Together, we are supporting Garrett Park teachers who go above and beyond to create welcoming and enriching learning environments for our children.

  • Paraeducator Fund for Recess Equipment

  • Student Assistance

Each school year, the GPES PTA allocates a modest amount of money for student assistance. This is a confidential process and the GPES PTA works through the GPES administration (GPES Principal and/or Counselor) to administer these funds.

  • Starfall & Mind Yeti Subscriptions

Garrett Park Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Hardwick recently asked the PTA to fund the school's subscription to Starfall, a website that builds literacy and math skills, is tied to Curriculum 2.0, and is used regularly in classrooms.  Thanks to your support of the Rocky Fund, the PTA said yes. Now subscription level content on Starfall is available to all GPES students.

  • Author Visit

The Kindergarten team asked the PTA to sponsor an author's visit to meet with students and discuss the writing process.

PALS School Store

Our school counselor contacted the PTA to say that the school store where GPES students redeem their PALS tickets is depleted.  Thanks to your generous support of the Rocky Fund, the PTA is purchasing the following items requested by Mrs. Catucci: 200 Water Bottles, 200 Sunglasses, 200 Frisbees, 200 Pennants, and 400 Pencils. All the items will say "I Followed PALS at GPES" and have the school logo. The items are on order and will soon be available for all the PALS at GPES!